What does Haiti need the most? As we see it, our mission is to use the knowledge and experience we have received through our past endeavors in Haiti to bring forward only sustainable projects that can make a lasting and positive difference for the people of Haiti, particularly in the rural region surrounding Belle Anse. The needs in Haiti are great, maybe even overwhelming. Every project conceived, no matter the size or scope, will begin with a real understanding of the needs of the area and the ability of the local residents to embrace, contribute and sustain.

The three focus areas which we believe are essential for Haiti are: health, education, and the environment. You can read more about these focus areas by clicking on the links.
The work of Return2Haiti is like a seedling that has taken root. We believe our seedling has been planted in fertile, welcoming soil. The image that we have chosen for our logo is a robust seedling that shows the promise of growth into a fruitful and long-lasting tree. That is the image that we keep in mind as we consider our focus area projects.

With the help of our sponsors and benefactors from across the globe we will be able to continue nurture sustainable projects like our health initiative which has already trained and financially empowered 30 local residents with homeopathic health care skills for the benefit of their home villages; and our lending library initiative that will be rooted in the Belle Anse region in August of 2014.