Here is our list of needs and estimates of costs for the Library Project in Haiti to be located in the Belle Anse region of Haiti:

This building is proposed as the temporary location for the library project in Haiti

Proposed Library Site A


  1. Secure the books acquired in a safe place until the Library Project can be launched – $50/month
  2.  Identify an individual with reading and teaching skills who can help us by being the in-country champion of the Library Project – $200/month
  3. Funds to equip the Belle Anse Library – Estimated Cost – $2000 

Here is our estimate of needs (our goals is to commission or acquire all of these items from Haitian sources or craftsmen as much as possible)

      • Six tables
      • Floor Mat for children to gather for story time
      • 12 adult size chairs and 12 child-size chairs
      • Art Supplies
Proposed Library Site in Belle Anse

Proposed Libary Site B

  • Cabinet with lock for books and art supplies
  • Book shelves
  • 4. Video Training Series in English and French on the benefits of reading and how a library works, including the battery powered equipment to play the video – $ 500

    Our goal is to go back to Haiti in December with the necessary resources to equip the library and to have already conducted training for a librarian. In short our fund-raising goal before December 2014 is approximately $5,000.

    Your gift, ear-marked for the library project, would be most appreciated.  One time gifts will help us with equipment purchases and cover the costs of set-up.  Monthly sustaining gifts will help us support a librarian and reading champion.