Futbol Camp in Haiti

This spring break, one of R2H’s youth, will be traveling with us for the first time to Belle Anse, Haiti. Zach is excited to be organizing and coaching a Futbol Camp for 50 kids, ages 8-12 plus 20 teens, half guys, half ladies, over spring break.

As you can see, their fields are not like ours. They are made of dirt and sometimes large rocks. The conditions of the fields do not stop the kids from playing. They are so excited that we are coming to do a four-day camp, but the reality is, many have no shoes or gear, uniforms or even a ball. This is where you can help!

What YOU Can Do!

Any gear that you would like to donate is greatly appreciated NEW OR USED

  • 70 Soccer Balls
  • Soccer Shirts and Shorts
  • Socks, regular, not expensive
  • Soccer shoes for kids ages/all sizes for kids 8-12 for 70 kids + 12 teens
  • We need 300 granola bars 4 days/for 70 kids
  • $ to purchase fruit for snacks for 4 days/for 70 kids
  • 70 water bottles
  • Popcorn for 80, to be made over an open fire

*If your business would like to sponsor this camp or you are interested in joining us March 24-April 1, for details contact

Your donations, will make a huge difference, monetary or material. We can’t thank you enough!

THANK YOU Coach Collins at Huron HS for your donation of soccer shirts and shorts!!