Fund Raiser

Ann Arbor’s Espresso Royale (Plymouth Rd) Helps Feed Children In Haiti

ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFE helps R2H gather rice and beans for hungry children in Haiti. Bring in a bag of rice and or black beans to Espresso Royale’s Plymouth Rd location, March 6th-9th in Ann Arbor and you will get 20% off of any coffee at the time of your donation. Return2Haiti will take this

“Foyer des Petits” – “Home of the Little Ones” (Return2Haiti’s Early Education Program)

When I was a child growing up in Bellanse, there was not an early childhood education program at close proximity. The nearest kindergarten was located in the town of Jacmel, a 24-hour journey by row boat. During the hurricane season, it was a 2 to 3-day trip, walking a trail through the mountains, until reaching

Building a Library in Belle Anse

Preparing the books for the shelves Assembling shelving Sorting the books Our temporary location Our party (consisting of Patti, John, Kristin, Sully, Cindy and Pierre) left the town of Pichon on July 16, 2015, the last stop on a journey that took us from the U.S. to

Why We Need A Library in Belle Anse, Haiti 

Sharing A Passion for Reading in Haiti By - Pierre Balthazar, Co-Founder of Return 2 Haiti This summer my wife Cindy and I will lead a volunteer group of people leaving for Haiti from Michigan in order to set up a reading room as a precursor to a lending library in Belle Anse, my hometown.