What is Return 2 Haiti ?

Return2Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering and building true capacity in three focus areas in Haiti – the environment, education, and health. We believe in creating an organization that honors Haitians for their tenacity, grace and strength in the face of great hardships.

Most will remember that Haiti experienced a disastrous earthquake in January of 2010. The earthquake served as a multiplier effect on an already devastated land and her people that experiences frequent threats from other natural disasters like hurricanes, floods or droughts. On top of that Haiti has a long history of poverty and economic setbacks against a backdrop of less than ideal political leadership.
Choosing to Return to Haiti is less about our co-founder Pierre Balthazar’s willingness to give back to his country of origin, though it is, and more about empowering the Haitians who have not lost hope in their home. It is about returning to them the power to rebuild, to acquire the knowledge to gain new valuable skills to improve their lives in Haiti, and it is about giving them a say in finding ways to find sustainable solutions that will provide relief and the belief that there is a better future for Haiti.

Returning Hope through Sustainable Solutions

To return to Haiti the hope for a brighter future, by making today better with sustainable solutions is our plan. Over our years of service to Haiti, through an education outreach, we have learned some valuable lessons and gathered some wonderful supporters. We are proud to work side by side with enthusiastic young people from universities in the U.S.; honored to have the faith and confidence of our church communities; and know that many Haitian/Americans support us in this ideal of a Return 2  Haiti.
And so, we ask you to follow along with us as we begin this new journey of discovery and creation. On Friday August 9, 2013 we literally Return to Haiti to set some important activities in motion.
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