Why We Need A Library in Belle Anse, Haiti 

Sharing A Passion for Reading in Haiti By - Pierre Balthazar, Co-Founder of Return 2 Haiti This summer my wife Cindy and I will lead a volunteer group of people leaving for Haiti from Michigan in order to set up a reading room as a precursor to a lending library in Belle Anse, my hometown.

Appreciation for Education

Obtaining an education in Haiti is challenging. Less than 30% of Haitian children achieve even a 6th grade education. Only 20% of eligible children are fortunate enough to attend secondary schools. A University education is a luxury that many cannot afford. Education provides hope for the future of Haiti, and, therefore, appreciation for education in

The Case for a Return 2 Haiti

What is Return 2 Haiti ? Return2Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering and building true capacity in three focus areas in Haiti - the environment, education, and health. We believe in creating an organization that honors Haitians for their tenacity, grace and strength in the face of great hardships. Most will remember that

Hurricane Matthew – October 2016

October 2016 saw Hurricane Matthew tear through the South and Grand Anse Departments of Haiti, and sent high winds, much rain and storm surges all along the Southern coastline of Haiti. This weather flooded the town of Belle Anse and destroyed some of the security walls surrounding the yard and buildings where our preschool, Ebel’s