April 2017 Brings Awareness and Fundraisers

Two events highlighted the month of April for Return2Haiti...on April 8, Pierre, Cindy and Janice attended the University of Michigan-sponsored event “Pandemic! Contagious Crises from AIDS to Zika” that featured Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health and a hospital in the Central Plateau of Haiti. After his talk, we were able to meet

Sponsors needed for Local Graduate Starting Language Learning Lab

Sponsor local Belle Anse entrepreneur, Alexander Souffrant. Alexander is ready to start-up a Language Learning Lab and has asked us for help to get things going. Goal – 2017-2019 Cost - $1,000 - $2,000 startup This 26-year old young man was the president of his senior class at a small local high school, in Belle

Our March Trip – Preschool Repairs, Butterflies and Skyping

MARCH 2017...our team of 9 traveled over the course of 2 days to Port-au-Prince, the first 7 members arriving on a Friday and touring the city before collecting the last 2 of our team from the airport on Saturday afternoon and beginning the journey by mini-bus to Marigot. Six out of the group were seeing

Ann Arbor’s Espresso Royale (Plymouth Rd) Helps Feed Children In Haiti

ESPRESSO ROYALE CAFE helps R2H gather rice and beans for hungry children in Haiti. Bring in a bag of rice and or black beans to Espresso Royale’s Plymouth Rd location, March 6th-9th in Ann Arbor and you will get 20% off of any coffee at the time of your donation. Return2Haiti will take this

“Foyer des Petits” – “Home of the Little Ones” (Return2Haiti’s Early Education Program)

When I was a child growing up in Bellanse, there was not an early childhood education program at close proximity. The nearest kindergarten was located in the town of Jacmel, a 24-hour journey by row boat. During the hurricane season, it was a 2 to 3-day trip, walking a trail through the mountains, until reaching

Unnecessary Tragedy

I am going to make this short...We learned, yesterday, of the death of this sweet little boy. He is the son of one of our teachers, we played with him during our last visit. He became ill, and although his parents were able to get him to the hospital in Jacmel, he wasn't able to

Building a Library in Belle Anse

Preparing the books for the shelves Assembling shelving Sorting the books Our temporary location Our party (consisting of Patti, John, Kristin, Sully, Cindy and Pierre) left the town of Pichon on July 16, 2015, the last stop on a journey that took us from the U.S. to

Explore the Coffee Business in Haiti – more info soon

Our trip to explore the coffee business took us from Santo-Domingo, Dominican Republic to the border-town of Pedernales. Just across the border lay the Haitian town of Anse-a-Pitre, a sea-side, rural city bustling with life where curious onlookers greeted us with a smile and people addressed us in the Haitian Creole, “Bonjou” for “Good Morning!”