Obtaining an education in Haiti is challenging. Less than 30% of Haitian children achieve even a 6th grade education. Only 20% of eligible children are fortunate enough to attend secondary schools. A University education is a luxury that many cannot afford. Education provides hope for the future of Haiti, and, therefore, appreciation for education in Haiti is high.

Return2Haiti recently had the opportunity to speak with two of its student grant recipients who are just beginning their post secondary education. Both of these individuals have experienced significant hardship.  They are able to attend the University only because of the financial support provided by Return2Haiti. The students live in a minimally furnished 2 bedroom apartment without running water or electricity.

Grant Recipients

Yves Jean-Francois is from Bel-Air, Haiti. He attended primary school in Anse-a-Pitre and received his secondary education in Port-au-Prince at Jean Marie Vincent. Because Yves’ father works in Anse-a-Pitre in the agriculture field, he was able to attend school there. Yves is the second child of eight in his family. During high school Yves often did not have even the minimum support to enable him to complete his education. At times he had no food, money or bus fare.  This required him to walk, hungry, many miles to attend classes. Yet he has persevered through these hardships because of his desire to better his life. Yves graduated from high school in 2013 and has chosen to study Engineering at the University because he is good in math and good with his hands.

Junior Jeune is from Belle-Anse, Haiti. Junior received his secondary education at Daniel Fignole in Port-au-Prince. Junior is the 13th of 15 children in his family. Between junior and high school he was unable to attend school for two years because there was no money to pay for the classes. Junior finally secured financial support.  With the help of his sister who allowed him to live with her, he completed high school in 2010. During the last 4 years Junior has desired to continue his education at the University.  Until he found Return2Haiti, he was unable to afford to attend classes. Junior has chosen to study Business and Management at Universidad Dominican O&M http://www.udoym.edu.do

Both Junior and Yves have much appreciation for education and are thankful for the financial support Return2Haiti is providing. They are hopeful that through this education their lives and the lives of their families can be improved in the future.