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Days for Girls

Empowering Girls in BelleAnse Haiti

Girls in rural Haiti are vulnerable to dropping out of school after their menstrual cycles begin because they do not have the supplies nor the education to care for themselves during their cycles each month! Return2Haiti is working with Days for Girls to educate these young women, raise their self-esteem, empower them to stay in school, while providing them with kits containing washable pads and liners so that these girls can take care of themselves, during their menstrual cycle and not miss a day of school.

Help us to bring them workshops, kits, activities and a meal at the end of their day during the week of August 14, 2017. We have 224 young women registered and want to be able to serve them all!

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Return 2 Haiti is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create sustainable projects for Haiti in the areas of Health, Education and Environment. The defining difference for Return 2 Haiti from other organizations with similar missions is our conviction to work in a rural region of SE Haiti which is particularly devastated by the forces of nature, economics and social trends. Additionally, our commitment to only sustainable projects which spring from clearly identified local needs and local sustainable commitments.


Education in Haiti is not easily accessible for the poor and rural children of the Belle Anse region. When children are able to attend school and build their skills, often those skills are not put to use in their home districts.

Your help can make the differance

Support our educational work in Haiti!

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For generations there has been a health care void in Haiti. This void of effective and natural health care has left an open door for shamanism, mysticism and even voodoo practices that feed on a lack of education and fear.

Support life saving health solutions in Haiti

Your help today, can save lives tomorrow!

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The current state of the environment in Haiti, in a word, is devastating. Currently the only remaining cash natural resource comes from trees; that have been clear cut for years with out mercy. This is a common practice that happens all to often.

Support sustainable enviromental plans of action

Get involved today and help Haiti's environment while there is still time!

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